Ken Heinemann  

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Ken started in Television when cameras had tubes & were B&W.His first video recorder was a SONY CV-2000. Spent 12 years as Associate Producer and Cameraman for a TV Series “The Super Chargers”. Spent 12 years working for Paul Page at "Indy Car Productions". Introduced to Joe Thomas who produces the Series called “Sound Stage”. Worked as, Cameraman, Production Manager and Tech Manager .

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Joshua's Email

Joshua’s first exposure to television happened more than a decade ago. Working as a utility at a Baseball game in Milwaukee. He helped set up cameras and run cables. He worked for a  Sports Channel, as an ENG camera operator .A Fleet engineer taught him  the engineering side of the business. He than began to work on  "Sound Stage" shoots,"Comedy Central", and "Showtime" specials as a second engineer. 

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